Our Vision & Mission

Our Mission: 

Is to resourcefully and sustainably produce. Truly beautiful, inspiring, and action-filled images as limited edition fine art with the best quality fine-art papers and printing technologies.

That will make homes, workplaces and, public areas beautiful, joyful, living, and inspiring places for people to live work and, rest.

Our Vision:

Is to make the world a more beautiful place.
Our long-term plan is to use parts of our profits to make a difference.

Mainly in two areas.

  1. Raise awareness about "Fatigue Syndrome" a.k.a "Burnout Syndrome."
    And to start a fund for people who suffered from it.
  2. Raise financial resources for social entrepreneurship.
    To contribute to reduced poverty and exclusion. 


As a part of our mission to be resourceful and sustainable, all our limited editions and premium editions fine-art prints are printed "on-demand".
Where both printing and shipping are carbon compensated by Our printing partner.

This way we reduce the usage of resources and impact on Our planet to a minimum. Our prints are of the highest quality. Correctly framed they will last for hundreds of years.

As a part of our vision, we will use parts of our profit to sponsor Itzinya. Itzinya is an Entrepreneurship Development Organization investing in young entrepreneurs mainly in the developing world, equipping them to start and grow small and medium-sized companies that enable them to employ other young people.

A long time goal with our business is to use profit towards "angel investment" focused on social entrepreneurship.

About photographer Daniel Åström.

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